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Cooking with the kids

     Preparing meals together helps kids learn better eating habits and make them interested in healthy food. Besides, if they helped make the meal, they are more likely to eat it as opposed to being served the food. More so, if they try more types of food they develop a more varied palate. Finally, cooking with the kids is an excellent quality time spent together while they learn healthy eating habits and the art of making their own food!

        We believe that kids need to eat a  balanced whole food diet that includes organic, grass fed meats, fruits, vegetables, fermented foods, seeds, legumes, wild caught cold water fish and good fats like avocados, avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

          However we understand that many kids are on a restrictive diet. That is quite alright. Many of the recipes we propose are dairy, gluten, soy or nut free. However, our goal is to offer many kinds of recipes for many palates. We are currently working on a free 7 day meal plan of gluten free recipes. 

Below we have collected recipes that we love making with our own kids.  We are constantly updating this site with new recipes, so please check us out often.




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