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Brussel sprouts sauteed in garlic infused avocado oil


We promised quick, easy and delicious recipes. Here is a super easy to make a delicious side dish: brussel sprouts. One trick to keep in mind: do not over cook the brussel sprouts! We repeat: do not leave it on heat more than 5-7 minutes, and let the brussel sprouts turn mushy and brown. There is nothing worse than over cooking them. The brussel sprouts should be slightly browned but still vibrant green in color and soft enough but not too soft, just a hint from crunchy. So 5-7 minutes on heat max.

Method: pour  garlic infused avocado oil to the bottom of the iron skillet.  Add turkey or regular bacon pieces and halved brussel sprouts. Let the fire do it's job for -7 minutes while stirring with a spoon spatula occasionally. It does require a few stirs so it would not burn. If it sticks to the bottom of pan, by all means add some more garlic infused avocado oil.

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Voila!  Enjoy as a side dish to your Holiday Meal or Game of Thrones Feast, whichever you please.

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