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Organic Bone Broth with Orzo


bone broth, chicken soup, kids school lunch

School is back in session in most places by now. And so are germs, viruses and all pesky unseen organisms that make little noses run and give chills down any parents spine. 

We can bring to school all the Clorox wipes in the world, it will not save our kids from sharing germs and bacteria. We recommend this organic home made bone broth, to offer both nourishment and needed boost for their immune system. 

Why you should feed your kids vegetable soup made with bone broth?

1. Helps the body's immune system to fight colds and the flu

2. The vegetables from this soup offer optimal nourishment

3. Helps maintain a healthy gut

4. Helps treat leaky gut syndrome according to some experts

5. Makes an easy and simple lunch that offer optimal nutrition and builds their immune system at the same time.

Ok, we do not recommend getting up in the wee hours to make bone broth for your kids every morning. But since Fall and shorter days are knocking on our doors, and we will spend more time indoors, it's more convenient to make this tasty soup in the Fall and when school is back in session.

You will need about 2 hours to cook the bone, so I would plan ahead on a weekend or weekday evening. Make the soup for dinner one night or a weekend, and and pack the broth with orzo next day for lunch in a thermos that will keep it warm for 3-4 hours. 

bone broth, school lunch, kids school lunch


2-3  lbs of organic grass fed and/or organic beef bone, preferably with bone marrow.

*Note: do not use conventional beef bone. It is lacking in needed nutrients that are necessary for boosting the immune system. Look in a health food store or locally raise, grass fed beef farm in your area for quality beef bone. 

3-4 organic carrots

3 parsnips

1 celery root

1-2 garlic 

2 celery stalks

half white onion

salt and pepper to taste at the end


Add the bone to 4 quarts of water and let it simmer on low heat for two hours. Cut and peel the vegetables and add to the broth to cook another 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper as needed. 

bone broth, vegetable soup, immune support, organic broth, collagen

Once the vegetables are cooked in the broth strain the soup from the broth and vegetables. You can add the carrots and and other vegetables to the soup as you serve it or eat it separately or blend it for a nice pasta sauce. 

Most kids will prefer just the broth with orzo and that is just fine. They are still getting the optimal nutrition from the broth. 


 orzo, bone broth, inflammation, immune support

Make a big batch and keep it in the fridge for up to 5 days. Cook some orzo in the morning and heat some broth for a hearty, warm and immune boosting lunch for the kids!

bone broth, school lunch, kids school lunch


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