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Giving Back


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Giving back to preserve the environment and to support our local communities is an important aspect of our organization. We give back through donating part of our profit to organizations that protect the environment and help fight hunger.

We also donate our time and resources to specific causes. This social and environmental responsibility is a driving factor in everything we do. 

We believe it is important to make the right choices for ourselves, our families and the environment because this is the only way to survive and thrive on this beautiful Planet. We want future generations to live in a healthy and safe environment with safe food to eat and we'd like to think we are doing our small part to assure this. 

We pledge to donate part of our profit to the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) which conducts research in sustainable agriculture. CEFS is one of the nations most important centers for research, extension and education in sustainable agriculture and community food systems. You can find out more information on the groundbreaking work of the CEFS and the research they are conducting in sustainable agriculture

Please consider supporting the work of the center by donating.

We also support the SOIL by composting. We use CompostNow, a Raleigh based composting service that picks up your food waste on a weekly basis and composts for a small fee. The best part is, you can request your foodwaste back as healthy soil that you can use in the garden or around the house to replenish the soil. Can you imagine if enough people will start composting and stopping the vicious cyle of adding food waste to the landfill?

Since we started composting in 2015, we have diverted 3716 lbs of food waste form the landfill, and avoided releasing 486 lbs of methane into the atmoshphere. That is enough to offset 21,253 miles driven by a car.

We urge you to do the same by starting NOW, or finding your local composting service, or better yet, start composting on your own.

Either way you choose, Mother Earth will thank you for it!

Listen to our Mother Earth because we only have one! Nurture HER and she will nurture you back with more nourishing food and a cleaner and healthier environment with a healthier climate!

The best time to start is NOW.