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Meet Michelle!

Michelle mathura, RD
Michelle Mathura LRD, RDN, CDE  is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with

 over 16 years of dietetics/nutrition experience. Her area of expertise is in :

    •  hands on training to RDN's on the nutrition focused physical assessment

    Michelle is a coach, trainer and educator in  best practice in food service customer service and room service in the hospital setting. She also educates her clients in best practice in food service, nutrition, and culinary skill in conjunction with Certified Executive Chef's (CEC) in School Nutrition.

    Michelle worked  with and collaborated in coaching, education and training with CEC's for over 8 years.

    She is a national speaker on the following topics : Best Practice in Customer Service, Successful Management Strategies, Best Practice in Diabetes Care and Management (for consumers and also for physicians), Caring for Malnutrition, Preparing Dietitians for the Future of Health Care, Malnutrition: State of the Union Address, Management in Food and Nutrition Systems, Successful Hospital Coding and Billing, Nutrition 101: Just the Basics (for Certified Executive Chefs), Soaring Beyond Clinical, Room Service and Insulin Delivery.

    Michelle is also a  National Speaker at the following venues / organizations: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Clinical Nutrition Management and Food Service Management DPG, Florida Association for Parental and Enteral Nutrition, North Dakota Board of Pharmacy, University of North Dakota Physician Residency Program, DM&A Good to Best International Educational Conference.

    We are super excited to have Michelle on our team to provide you with meal plans, and nutrition advice!