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Neomega Artisan Infusion Process

With everything in life, the secret is in the sauce. Or to be more specific, in our case, the secret is in the process.

There is a major difference between flavoring and infusing an oil. Flavoring means that an oil was mixed with another flavored oil, most likely an essential oil to closely match the taste and aroma of the culinary herb. It is very common for basil rosemary, chili oils to be flavored with essential oils. 

The chemical and nutritional composition of the rosemary plant, for instance is very different from the essential oil derived from it. During the distillation process, only the volatile compounds of the oil in plant are retained, but many of the nutritional benefits of the plant are lost. 

However infusing an oil is different than simply adding a flavor to it. Infusing an oil takes time and skill and is a more involved process where the whole herb is added to the oil to lend the oil its aroma and nutritional benefit.

rosemary herb, anti inflammatory, artisan infusion

Essential oils are 75 – 100 times more concentrated than whole herbs. One drop of essential oil could be equivalent to a  pound of the herb. Just one drop of lemon essential oil is equivalent to one pound of lemons. They are also very potent and require knowledge and skill for use. Some herbalists advise against consuming essential oils internally, others recommend it. Confusion and miseducation around essential oils is abound. That is why we err on the safe side and use a whole herb infusion process.

We use the culinary herb to lend their flavor and benefits to the oils. It is more sustainable, as it requires less plant and the flavor profile closely matches the culinary herbs than the essential oils. 

chili oil, capsaicin, anti inflammatory

We use mostly the leaves of the culinary herbs for rosemary and basil, the whole dried crushed pepper for chili and the root of the ginger and turmeric plant. We add the herbs to the oil, and heat the oil on very low and constant temperature.

Then we allow the herbs to naturally infuse the oil for 24-48 hours. After the infusion time is completed, we press the herbs into the oil, strain out the herbs and bottle it for your enjoyment.