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Everything we offer has to be Good for You and Good for the Earth!


At Neomega Nutritionals LLC,  we are committed to sustainability all the way.

What is sustainability anyway?

It's a big word for a simple concept: it is human activity that supports the future of our Planet and the people living on it! Our actions have a big effect on our Planet and our bodies: the way we eat, the way we grow our food, the way we make our stuff, the way we treat the land and our waste can either support or deplete us and the Earth. We have a choice to make: do we want to support (hence the fancy word, sustain), or do we want to deplete?

We at Neomega Nutritionals want to be a sustainer. This is the reason that every decision we make from sourcing our oils to bottling, packaging and shipping is driven by a conscious effort for long term sustainability.  As a food manufacturer, we play a significant role in either supporting or further undermining our fragile ecosystem. We make a conscious effort to minimize food waste and support our environment with the products we sell and the way we make them.  In ingredient sourcing, we strive to source sustainably grown and made products and work with vendors who make a similar  for sustainability and keen sense of  their impact on the environment.

We care about the environment by composting our food waste. We use COMPOSTNOW to compost our food waste. Food waste is one of the biggest sources of green house gases producing 4.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide yearly, greatly contributing to climate change. 

Since we started composting in 2015, we composted 3,443 lbs of food waste and avoided releasing 448 lbs of methane at the land fill.

Global warming is the most important problem we have to solve in this century. We all have a role to play in this, from growers, how they grow the crops, to manufacturers, in how they make the food, process waste or distribute, all the way to consumers who have to make a conscious choice on what they buy.

We show our commitment for sustainability in the following  ways:

We pay close attention to our products and our businesses carbon footprint and work to minimize it whenever that is possible.
Our products are sustainably grown with regards to preserving the environment. The avocado is one of the cleanest fruits according to the Environmental Working Group . This means the avocado fruit is one of the safest to consume even if it is not organic. 
We recycle and compost to reduce our carbon footprint.
We use green packaging, like recycled plastic bubble wrap and tape for shipping materials.
Social/Economical Impact

We care about equatable profit sharing and making a positive impact in our communities. This is why we pledge to donate part of our profit to organizations that help protect the environment. We also participate in fundraising activities to help fight hunger right here in our communities.

We also care deeply about our business having a positive impacts from sourcing to the end user. We source our avocado oil from reliable and sustainable sources and test it for safety and purity.

Our Pledge

Our products have been grown without the heavy use of pesticides and  commercial fertilizers.
Our products have been grown with natural breeding  practices that supports biodiversity.

All NEOMEGA products are non-GMO. Selected NEOMEGA products are Organic.

    We source our ingredients from growers and  suppliers who uphold sustainable  manufacturing  and growing practices, preserving the integrity of the product and environment alike.          
        All NEOMEGA culinary oils are cold or expeller  pressed. No chemicals were used  in  extracting the oil from the seed or the pulp of the fruit.

           Why Sustainability Matters

            1. Sustainable foods are healthier: plants are grown with the use of less pesticides and other chemicals.
            2. Sustainable foods taste better because they are grown during their season and allowed to ripe naturally. 
            3. Sustainable foods aren’t genetically modified or irradiated.
            4. Sustainable farming supports local economies.
            5. Sustainable farming produces less waste.  Small and medium size farms aren’t as water, fossil fuel and chemical intensive and don’t  create manure lagoons therefore not exacerbating the global warming problem.